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An energetic blend of new-wave and heavy progressive rock, Four Stroke Baron aspire to bring forth a lively and refreshing new voice to the music scene. Comprised of three members — Kirk Witt on guitars and vocals, Matt Vallarino on drums, and Keegan Ferrari on bass — the group crafts massive and immersive soundscapes juxtaposed over catchy, pop-like song structures. It is this penchant for blending familiar sounds and styles into something altogether new that has allowed the band to undergo a dramatic metamorphosis from their humble beginnings improvising in a shed outside of Reno, Nevada, to preparing for the debut of their second full-length album, “Planet Silver Screen,” on Prosthetic Records.




“Four Stroke Baron is actually the protuberance of a multi-dimensional being into our local spacetime, that has chosen the form of a time-traveling group of Gregorian monks with a penchant for technical metal and pop sensibilities.”

– Cloudkicker

“A unique mix of 80s synths, blackened metal, and awesome 90s melodic rock vocals, you say? That’s something I really like! You should really check out this record! I’m thrilled to be part of it!”

– Jørgen Munkeby (Shining)

“Four Stroke Baron is a grungy force, blending elements of retro punk, modern metal, and ambient rock. Driving guitars, forceful drums, and howling melodies will keep Four Stroke Baron in your stereo for months on end.”

– Adam Tuminaro (The Orlando Drummer)



“An arena-sized, panoramic hybrid with limitless possibilities,

Four Stroke Baron are likely to be the next odd-ball metal favorite.”

– Dead Rhetoric

“Plenty of bands have attempted to fuse elements of New Wave and metal... but few have done it with

as much prog-rock dexterity and forward-looking nuance as Four Stroke Baron.”

– Revolver Magazine

“Catchy-as-hell, larger-than-life, prog-fused aggro alt-rock that recalls acts ranging from Tool to Cave In to Korn to Meshuggah. The unique result will hit your musical G-spot faster than you can trigger the 'Repeat Album' function.

Planet Silver Screen is that all-too-rare album that is heavy without sacrificing its sense of fun.”

– Metal Sucks

"Weaving 80's post-punk vocals into wall-shaking riffs and shapeshifting tempos, the tracks suggest Mastodon drunk on wine and The Cure... Inventive and subtly affecting, this is weird in all the right ways."

– Metal Hammer


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Four Stroke Baron


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Prosthetic Records


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